In 2020, Kevin Roy, the owner of the flower shop Sous la Canopée supported Celebrate with Missing Children Europe campaign by raising donations in exchange for Christmas Cards designed by children and young people at his flower shop in Brussels. The proceeds raised via the campaign supported the coordination of the 160000 hotlines. Kevin told us about his work, passion and why is it important to support grassroot campaigns.

How did you and when did you get started in the floral industry?

I started working in the floristry sector in 2019 and opened my first plant store with an associate. I had been passionate about the world of plants for some time and I already had more than 200 plants in my apartment. After several months, I decided to leave the store and open my flower shop in Brussels – Sous la Canopée at 121 Chaussée d’Ixelles.


What’s your favourite part about the job?

My favourite moment is when I hear the “wow” of people entering the store. From the outside, you would not expect such a big space filled in with plants. Seeing the amazed eyes of plant enthusiasts (or not) is just terrific. Each sale is different and personalised. Depending on the light and the maintenance, the customer will have a choice to make, and we are there to support and guide them to be sure that their new plants are doing well at home.


What’s your favourite flower? What are the easiest plants to take care of indoors when you start your home plants journey?

My favourite plant is Caladium. It is a seasonal plant (April-October) which gives very beautiful leaves with incredible colours! Each leaf is unique and can be very different from the one before which is what makes the plant magical. Come and check it at our store!


Why did you decide to support Missing Children Europe?

I wanted to do something good at the end of the year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, even more than the other years, we must help each other. When I was offered to join the campaign and support Missing Children Europe, I accepted without hesitation. Helping the children was the best thing to do. Childhood is an important period when you should dream, grow and develop in the right conditions to see the future in a positive light. I hope my participation in the campaign has helped children in need achieve that.