The war on Ukraine has led to more than 7 million Ukrainians, mainly women and children seeking refuge abroad, putting them at risk of separation and going missing. That is why, this year we have decided to dedicate our December campaign to their protection.

Three artists designed some Christmas e-cards for you to send to your nearest and dearest. In just three simple steps you can have a card sent directly to their inbox!

How does it work?

Step 1

Select your favourite e-card, there are 6 creative illustrations to choose from.

A big thank you to our artists for donating their time and talent to this campaign: Boróka Bálint (cards 1 and 2), Eugenia Miyashita (cards 3 and 6) Jagoda Luto (cards 4 and 5).

Step 2

Please, send us an email to with the number of your desired e-card. Would you like to add a message and/or the logo of your company to your card?  Then add that to the email too.

Step 3

Make a donation of your choice. Each donation matters!*

*Donations of 40 euros or more made by residents of France, Belgium and Luxembourg are eligible to receive a fiscal tax certificate.

Help us spread the word!

Let everyone know about Celebrate with Missing Children Europe by posting this link on social media, using the hashtag #CelebrateWithMCE and tagging us:

Twitter: @MissingChildEU

Facebook: @MissingChildrenEurope

Want to do more? Fundraise for us on Facebook.


Where do the funds go?

The money raised will support the Ukrainian 116000 helpdesk set up by Missing children Europe, which contributes to continuing the search for missing children from Ukraine in the time of war.

Since the beginning of the war, our Ukrainian member NGO Magnolia has received over 2600 cases of missing children, which is higher than in 20 years combined of their work.

In response to the increasing number of missing children from Ukraine, we have recruited a Ukrainian and Russian speaking Helpdesk Officer to support NGO Magnolia with their caseload, to provide Ukrainian and Russian translation for all Ukrainians calling the 116000 number across Europe, and to coordinate cross border cases of missing children. However, more resources are needed to continue to ensure a quality service of the missing children’s hotlines and guarantee protection for all children fleeing the war. For more information about missing children from Ukraine, please click here.

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