International Missing Children’s Day

International Missing Children’s Day is commemorated globally each year to raise awareness about the issue of missing children and share a message of hope to their families.

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Help us protect Ukrainian missing children

The war on Ukraine has led to more than 3 million Ukrainians, mainly women and children seeking refuge abroad, putting them at risk of separation and going missing. By supporting our work, you will help us to protect missing children and their families.

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Runaway Prevention Month

As a trained professional, YOU can learn how to spot the signs. Our free online course on Runaways will teach how to read a situation so that the right action is taken to prevent young people from running away!

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Mediation Week

International Mediation Week is marked every year in October to promote mediation in general, and for Missing Children Europe to highlight the importance of family mediation in parental abduction cases.

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NotFound Day

Make better use of your 404-error page and help find missing children.

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Learn how you can help support Missing Children Europe and what projects need your funding.

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