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Our mission is to enable professionals to better protect children from going missing through research, training, advocacy, and awareness efforts. Thanks to our supporters we can continue our work to protect and safeguard children across Europe.

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We strive to ensure concrete actions for change by campaigning. Our aim is to change negative narratives and make sure that the voices of children are heard by decision-makers and society.

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Fundraising events

We hold various fundraising events that you can be a part of. Or organise your own to help us raise funds for missing children.

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Celebrate with Missing Children Europe

Each year, as the holiday season approaches, we launch a campaign, inviting supporters to embrace the spirit of giving by contributing to our organisation. Find out four unique options for you to join us in celebrating the festive season.

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Volunteer with us

We are in continuous need of motivated volunteers with skills such as website development, photography, videography, translation, interpretation, copy editing, IT support and more.

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Join NotFound

Each year, thousands of children go missing across Europe. Thanks to you can make a difference. Install our application onto your computer and a poster of a missing child will automatically appear on every ‘404-error page’ of your website.

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Given Gain Missing Children Europe

Support us on Given Gain

Support our marathon runners by donating on Given Gain for Missing Children Europe or start your own fundraising campaign on the platform to support us.


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