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If you are looking for help about a missing child or would like to report information about a missing child, call the 116 000 hotline:

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About the Network

Our network of missing children hotlines is operated by national organisations in 31 countries across Europe. Children and families calling the European hotline receive free and immediate emotional, psychological, social, legal and administrative support 24 / 7.


Call the hotline if you are a:

  • child who is missing from home / care or a child who is thinking of leaving home / care
  • parent or carer of a missing child
  • child, young person, or adult who has information about a missing child

Make a report to the police if you know of a child who has gone missing. This can be done by anybody, not just the parents or carers. You may also call the 116 000 hotline for support, advice, and to share valuable information about a missing child.

Professionally trained Hotline Operators.

The 116 000 number works in 32 countries in Europe. You can find the list of countries here.

Always contact your national police to report a missing child or to share information relating to a missing child.

Other national hotlines or children’s organisations are available in your country, you can find this online.

Everyone. Children, young people, parents or carers, families, and third party adults.

If you know about a missing child or if you know of a child at risk of going missing, the 116 000 hotline will be able to support you.

You will be asked for details related to the missing child and their circumstances.

The more information provided the more help this will be for the protection of the child.

No, the calls are not recorded.

No, you do not have to share your details. Only share your details should you wish to.

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