Our impact

Supporting frontline professionals

Over 760 professionals benefited from our training across
  • 4 workshops
  • 10 expert webinars
  • 2 cross-border family mediator trainings
  • 3 child-led advocacy trainings
  • trainings for law enforcement and professionals working with children and youth

Raising awareness andchallenging narratives

Success on social networks
  • Facebook likes up by 374
  • Twitter followers up by 3723
  • LinkedIn followers up by 932
Over 120k  people

were reached through the IMCD campaign highlighting the
impact of COVID-19 on lives of children (at risk of) going missing and 116 000 hotlines.

Over 1M people

were reached through Missing Children Europe‘s social media channels in 2021.

A total of 140 press articles

Advocating for child-centred policy

The organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) embedded our
INTERACT recommendations
in their work towards the establishment of National Focal Points to Protect Child Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings.
More than 30 organisations
joined our coalition to combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation.
The European Commission launched the
Pact on Migration and Asylum that included points on relocation of unaccompanied minors
influenced by MCE and Child Circle’s publication “Keeping the Child’s Best Interests at the Heart of Relocation”.
Together with
28 organisations
developed a Joint Position Paper on a
Comprehensive Child Rights Strategy
advocating for the prevention and protection of children from violence and abuse that can lead to going missing and for support to the 116000 hotlines that the recommendations from which were refelected in the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

Supporting child participation

Child Comms Expert group
of 5 young people, some with experience of going missing, co-developed the new child friendly section on the Missing Children Europe’s website.
10 young people
with experience of running away joined our
Young People’s Board
and are co-steering the RADAR project research, campaigns, and policy recommendations.
16 young newcomers
participated in the
Lost in Migration youth conference
to prepare and co-steer the development and messages of the 2021 edition.

Using scientific data to define priorities

22 hotlines

provided data for the Figures

and Trends 2020 report.

15 professionals working with runaways

were consulted in a Delphi study on attitudes, responses and best practices regarding running away.

28 cross-border mediators
about parental abduction.
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