Every February, Safer Internet Day is held to promote awareness about a safer and better internet for everybody, particularly children and young people. Addressing topics ranging from cyberbullying, grooming, and social networking to digital identity, Safer Internet Day strives to increase awareness of evolving online issues and current challenges. On every Safer Internet Day, millions of supporters worldwide participate in various events and activities.

In observance of Safer Internet Day, our Italian member, S.O.S. Fondazione Telefono Azzurro, successfully hosted two impactful events on February 5th and 6th, 2024, in Milan and Rome. These engaging meetings sparked thought-provoking discussions about the dynamic world of digital technology and the essential measures required to safeguard young internet users. Missing Children Europe’s president, Maria Herczog, joined various international experts as a speaker at the event in Rome.

In today’s fast-changing digital world, it’s crucial to tackle challenges and protect children online. Missing Children Europe is committed to this goal by continuously advancing and promoting the outcomes of our CESAGRAM project. This initiative aims to deepen the understanding of grooming processes, especially how technology and online spaces facilitate them and their link to child sexual abuse and disappearances.