Towards a Comprehensive European Strategy Against tech-facilitated Grooming and Missing

Online child sexual abuse is a growing phenomenon. The consequences of online child sexual abuse on young people are severe. Some of Missing Children Europe’s hotlines have raised concerns about grooming being an increasing factor in disappearances, particularly runaways.

CESAGRAM aims to address this problem by advancing the knowledge base and enhancing the understanding of the link between children who go missing and online grooming for sexual purposes.

Project Activities

The project will work towards this goal by:

  • Interviewing survivors about their experiences to identify key risk indicators of grooming before, during and after a child has experienced sexual abuse and/or has gone missing.
  • Analysing police case files lined to grooming and missing.
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of EU policy and legal landscape to pinpoint good practices and potential barriers in its response to grooming and missing.
  • Developing tools and materials to increase understanding and awareness of the grooming process for young people and their caregivers.
  • Designing, piloting and evaluating AI-based tools that will facilitate the prevention and detection of grooming content online aimed to enhance the operational prevention and detection capabilities of the relevant end users.
  • Creating a knowledge hub to share knowledge on grooming and missing children with professionals and experts to further develop and build on existing expertise and resources.

Contact person

Jennifer Schatz
Project Officer for Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

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