3 young refugees support Missing Children Europe’s holiday fundraiser this year

We were delighted when Roxibel, Camila and Mohammad offered their talents to support Missing Children Europe’s seasonal fundraiser. The 3 young refugees, aged 17, 13 and 19 put their skills into action to design 7 festive e-cards between them to help raise funds for the Miniila project. Missing Children Europe spoke with the trio to learn more about the people behind the art.

Read on to learn about the motivations.


Why did you want to support Missing Children Europe by designing cards for our Christmas campaign?

Mohammadi: I supported MCE to encourage its [Minilla] project and to support those who need help.

Roxibel Rodriguez: Because I like drawing and I like the idea of supporting a campaign that benefits children and teenagers.

Camila Gil: Because I thought it was a very good initiative. I was also motivated by my uncle who spoke very highly about the organisation.


What’s something positive that people should know about young people migrants?

Mohammadi: People should know about the asylum process and their psychological problems. Their situation can cause a lot of stress.

Roxibel Rodriguez: The positive thing about young migrants is the exchange of culture. We learn from each other. So, we learn and give something back at the same time.

Camila Gil:  We never lose hope.  We want to follow our dreams and never give up because nothing is impossible to achieve.


What do you like about your new home?

Mohammadi: I don’t like my new house, because of the noise and it’s more crowded in the camp.

Roxibel Rodriguez: In my new home I can feel the togetherness with my family and peace.

Camila Gil: In my new home there are more opportunities for self-improvement.


What’s your best talent?

Mohammadi: My best talents are writing and listening, drawing and playing basketball. 🏀

Roxibel Rodriguez: Volleyball.

Camila Gil: I am good at cooking and singing.


What’s your favourite holiday season and why?

Mohammadi: My best season is summer because of the good weather and I can swim, which I enjoy a lot.

Roxibel Rodriguez: Summer because I enjoy outdoor activities together with my friends.

Camila Gil: Summer because I can go to the beach or to the swimming pool and also because I like the heat.