Send Holiday E-Cards

How does it work?

Step 1

Select your favourite e-card. You can choose a illustration card or choose one to colour (1).

A big thank you to our artists for donating their time and talent to this campaign: Patricia Morais (card 1) Eugenia Miyashita (cards 2, 3 and 5), and Emilie Dunn (card 4).

Step 2

Send an email to  with the number of your desired e-card. Would you like to add a message and/or the logo of your company to your card?  Then add that to the email too.

Step 3

Make a donation of your choice. Each donation matters!*


Are you resident in Belgium, Luxembourg or France? Donations of 40 euros or more are eligible to receive a fiscal tax certificate. To obtain it, the donation must be made via bank transfer. Please, use the following bank account details:

For donors based in Belgium or Luxembourg:

IBAN: BE41 3630 2576 0210


For donors based in France* and all other donations:

IBAN: BE43 3101 6583 2401


Communication:  Celebrate with Missing Children Europe + “Tax certificate required”