This exciting consultancy opportunity is to support the development of Missing Children Europe’s next 4-year organisational strategy for 2022-2025, setting the thematic and cross-cutting priorities which will enable the organisation to deliver for its members and have real impact on children (at risk of) going missing. It should enable the organisation to put in place the necessary internal processes and leverage the required resources to achieve its goals. The new strategy shall build on experience and impact of the existing organisational strategy 2018-2021 on the mission and principles of the organisation, and the general direction set by the Board and General Assembly.



Missing Children Europe is the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, representing 31 organisations from 27 European countries. Our mission is to enable the development of effective and holistic child protection systems to prevent children from going missing; support missing children and their families; and protect children from any risk of violence and abuse that may lead to or result from going missing. Our current strategy identifies three thematic priorities: runaways, international parental abductions and missing children in migration, with a cross cutting fourth programme on cross-border services for missing children, including 116 000 hotlines. Our funding comes from the European Commission (REC operating grant and various project grants), private funders (foundations, corporate and individual donors) and members.
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Purpose of the assignment

The main objective of the assignment is threefold. Firstly, it is to provide Missing Children Europe with a detailed mapping and analysis of the challenges and opportunities and strategies available to deliver impact for children at risk of going missing, missing children, and their families, as well as our members who support them, based on desk research and consultation of the most important stakeholders (staff, Board, members, funders, children,…). Secondly, the consultant is to develop recommendations on strategic priorities, activities, organisational development, resourcing and internal processes and organisation. Thirdly, it is to produce – in consultation with the Board and Secretariat of Missing Children Europe – the final strategy document.


You can find the full terms of reference for the assignment here.


Estimate timeline
– As soon as possible: initiation meeting with management
– March: desk research, all staff team consultation (half day workshop) – consultation with stakeholders
– Mid-April – first playback of initial analysis to the Secretariat and Board, half day workshops to support further input
– End of April: Recommendations for the development of the organisational strategy
– May: feedback from the Board and Secretariat and drafting of final strategy document
– June: Finalised strategy document presented to General Assembly


Profile of the consultant

• Significant experience working with child rights organisations on strategic and organisational reviews
• Excellent knowledge of the EU policy environment and the child rights’ sector and operating environment
• Experience with child participation and vulnerable groups a strong asset
• Excellent knowledge and skills in qualitative and quantitative methodology
• Fluent English and excellent writing skills (all communications should be in English)
• Ability to listen to others, process information, communicate effectively, encourage the sharing of information and ideas, moderate (online) workshops.


How to apply?

Please send
1. a methodological note (min 2 pages) detailing your approach to the assignment, how you understand the expected outputs and how you propose to deliver them, with timetable.
2. a financial offer including the fees per day, the budget repartition for every task and the overall budget, VAT inclusive.
3. a detailed resume in English, and
4. a signed cover letter in English outlining:
a. Why the candidate is suitable to carry out the work
b. Main experience with regard to Child Rights programming, policy and advocacy and child participation and vulnerable groups
to before March 22nd, 2021 (10:00 AM CET).