Zahra is a young writer, painter, and refugee rights activist. In 2019, together with her family, she arrived in Europe to seek asylum with the goal to reach Germany. The journey in seeking asylum was long and restless but it did not stop her from being an active member of society.

While Zahra was staying in one of the Greek refugee camps, she formed a self-led initiative for refugee children which organised free language courses. In 2020, a friend from the refugee centre told Zahra about the Miniila app and she got in touch with Missing Children Europe. Missing Children Europe invited Zahra to participate in the Lost in Migration conference in 2020 and 2021, where she shared the challenges that she had faced in migration. Together with several other young people, Zahra had a fruitful discussion on the drivers for migrant children to go missing and shared her insights with different stakeholders, including EU policymakers on both the nation-al and EU level. She has since safely reached Germany and is in the asylum procedure.