Nine-year-old Angelo, from Bristol UK, was reported missing on March 2 when he did not return home from football practice with Bristol Central FC. Angelo’s mother had almost given up hope of ever seeing her abducted son again before she called 116 000 for Missing Children who were able to advise her and coordinate an appeal which led to their reunion on December 2, 2019.

When Angelo did not come home, it was suspected that he may have visited his father. His mother reported him missing and worried about his welfare as Angelo’s father had breached a court order put in place to protect Angelo. It was an extremely unsettling experience for Angelo who was taken away from his family home, his primary school, and his friends.

The authorities and British hotline, Missing People, launched publicity appeals, which included a march, to raise awareness of Angelo’s disappearance, resulting in large media coverage across the UK. They also liaised with MCE’s Spanish member, Fundacion ANAR about publicity in Spain as it was later revealed that Angelo had been taken there. Inquiries were made with the Spanish authorities to locate him as soon as possible. A warrant was put out for his arrest on suspicion of child abduction.

MCE’s UK hotline member, Missing People, published publicity appeals, which included a march to raise awareness together with our Spanish member, Fundacion ANAR. Angelo was recovered by Spanish authorities at Madrid Airport on November 30, after he got off a flight from Mexico with his father who was then detained under the terms of a European Arrest Warrant. Angelo was unharmed and reunited with his family just in time for Christmas.