“At 13, I was kidnapped and held captive by an online predator. No trace was left behind. I was rescued because the man who kidnapped me live-streamed the abuse and someone recognized the little girl in that video as the little girl on the missing poster. Every child deserves the same chance of recovery I received. These posters are a simple and effective tool in bringing our missing home.” – Alicia Kozak, Motivational Speaker, Internet Safety Expert, Victim and Missing Persons Advocate, Abduction Survivor

25 September 2020

Every year on 25 September, Missing Children Europe marks the launch of the NotFound, a software which turns useless 404 error pages into missing children posters. With the help of missing children organisations providing data for the error pages and partners using the platform, posters of missing children were displayed almost 120 million times across 7 European countries!

What is NotFound?

NotFound is an easy and FREE web software that makes a difference in the lives of missing children, giving hope to their families. With NotFound, website owners can replace their ‘404 Error – Not Found’ pages with posters and details of missing children. It functions worldwide by incorporating geo-localized technology and users only see the details of missing children provided by partners in the nearest area. Moreover, using NotFound increases Google search ranking and improves the user experience!

This year, Missing Children Europe and Famous Grey are pleased to announce the revamp of the NotFound website. The new look features creative illustrations of children and their families and vibrant colours bringing it into modern times. Why not take some time to navigate the new website – notfound.org? If you like what you see – then help us spread the word by sharing with your contacts.

“The #NotFound pages generate millions of views for our missing children notices and are a very important channel for Child Focus.  Hereby a warm call to all managers and webmasters to install the #NotFound pages on their website.” Heidi De Pauw – CEO at Child Focus

Join the NotFoundPledge 

To also mark the occasion, Missing Children Europe and its members challenges you to take part in the #NotFoundPledge which aims to encourage schools, organisations, as well as the general public to spread the word about the ingenious application. Just think, by simply implementing the NotFound software onto your website and pledging to spread the word about NotFound to your contacts, you will help widen the search for children that are missing.

Want to join?

  1. Help find missing children across Europe by simply implementing the NotFound web software onto your website – turning useless error pages into supporting a worthy cause.
  2. Join us today on 25 September in the #NotFoundPledge. Spread the word about NotFound to as many contacts to ensure we take part in finding missing children across Europe. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #NotFoundPledge and tag us on social media:

Twitter: @notfoundorg @MissingChildEU | FB: MissingChildrenEurope |

#NotFoundPledge raised! Spread the word about the @notfoundorg and help find missing children. How? Download the NotFound to your website – it will convert all useless 404 error pages into posters of missing children. Don’t forget to nominate 3 people. Good luck!

About NotFound

The Notfound is a web app that converts a website’s useless 404 error pages into posters of missing children. It was created in 2012 by Missing Children Europe, Child Focus and Famous Grey. Almost 6300 websites in seven European countries are already involved in the operation and more than 120 million photos of missing children have been displayed. Find out more: notfound.org

The following partners provide data for the missing children posters displayed on the 404 error pages: Famous Grey, Child Focus, 116 000 Enfants Disparus, and Missing People.

About Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe is the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, representing 31 organisations from 26 European countries. We provide the link between research, policies and organisations on the ground to protect children from any kind of violence, abuse or neglect that is caused by or results from them going missing.


Musu Kargbo-Reffell, Communications Officer at Missing Children Europe

Email: Musu.Kargbo-Reffell@missingchildreneurope.eu