Every day, Missing Children Europe and its member organisations across Europe strive to protect and empower children to prevent them from going missing and to keep them from harm when they do.

In 2001, May 25 was first observed as the International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD) through the efforts of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), Missing Children Europe, and the European Commission. Now every 25th of May, we commemorate International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD) to raise awareness and support the 116000 hotlines devoted to provide crucial support to those who are missing, at risk and to the families affected across Europe.

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Join us in raising awareness by sharing our #MissingPieces campaign

We would like to invite everyone to raise awareness of the 116000 hotlines, available across Europe to provide missing children and their families with FREE emotional, psychological, legal and administrative support 24/7 in 32 European countries. They are vital to prevent, protect and empower children and families faced with child disappearances.

How can you raise awareness?

Join us in taking action:

1) Change your profile picture by using our template, which you can find here

2) Display this symbol of solidarity, we raise awareness and show support for those affected by the disappearance of children. Let’s create a powerful visual statement that speaks volumes!

3) Read our press release to learn more about the cause and how you can make a difference. Together, we can bring hope to those who need it most and contribute to the ongoing efforts in reuniting families.

4) Share our videos and spread the word about International Missing Children’s Day…

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Want to do more?

Help us raise funds to continue the support and coordination of the European network of 116 000 hotlines and the implementation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an essential tool to guarantee quality service for all hotlines across Europe.

Each donation of 25EUR will help us maintain a monthly CRM license for one hotline. This allows us to keep track of details and updates on missing children cases and ease cross-border cooperation between hotlines operating in different countries, to better prevent and efficiently find missing children whilst support their families.

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