For the second consecutive year, Missing Children Europe has re-granted over 100.000EUR to organisations in their member network to support the work they do to improve protection for children across Europe.

On this page, you may navigate by country all the projects awarded funding for 2024.

Financial support to third parties is part of Missing Children Europe’s annual operating grant, funded by the European Commission.


Title of the project: Every child has the right to protection from all forms of violence
Budget received (EUR): 20,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: Parents, carers, professionals, children and young people (with a focus on unaccompanied migrant children)

Centre Nadja Foundation will implement a project called Every child has the right to protection from all forms of violence. The main goal of the project is to increase public sensitivity to the phenomenon of violence against children with a focus on prevention and to promote children’s right to freedom from violence.

The specific objectives of our project are to improve responses to missing children by increasing public awareness of the 116000 pan-European hotlines and to design, development, and implement an advocacy strategy for the organization.

In order to achieve the goals of the project, we will be completing a social media awareness raising campaign of the 116000 hotlines spanning both paid and organic channels on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign will kick off with a press conference and will run for the duration of two weeks, featuring a compelling message driving awareness. We will also develop and implement an advocacy strategy as well as a series of advocacy activities, such as hosting field visits and interactive preventative meetings with unaccompanied migrant children in reception centres and Secure Zones of registration, as well as in Crises Centres for unaccompanied minors from third counties.

The expected impact of the project include increased public awareness of the 116000 hotlines, their pan-European reporting mechanisms, and their services, increased capacity to promote policies that reduce the risk of violence and missing for all children, and lastly, strengthen the capacity to protect and promote EU rights and values.


Title of the project: Find me
Budget received (EUR): 10,000.00
Project duration: 07/2024 – 11/24 (5m)
Target group: Parents, carers, professionals, children and young people

The Centre for missing and exploited children was awarded funding for their project Find Me Too, which is an initiative aimed at raising public awareness about missing children and the importance of the 116000 hotlines. The project is a continuation of last year’s project Find Me through which we organized a humanitarian run that gathered more than 450 participants. This year the project aims to reach an even wider audience through a new humanitarian run that will be held in Osijek and that would become an annual event.

The humanitarian run will bring together people from different backgrounds to run for a common cause: raising awareness about missing children and the Croatian hotline that helps find them.

Participants will be encouraged to wear t-shirts with inspirational messages related to missing children and to share information about the hotline on their social media accounts. The project will also use traditional media, such as TV and radio, to reach a wider audience.

We also aim to dispel common misconceptions about missing children by highlighting that every missing child is a cause for concern and that immediate action is necessary to locate them. This is a vital initiative that aims to raise awareness about a critical issue and which we hope will encourage people to take action if they see a missing child. By highlighting the importance of the 116000  hotlines, the project hopes to ensure that missing children are located quickly and reunited with their families.

Czech Republic

Title of the project: Campaign for raising awareness of the 116 000 hotline in the Czech republic
Budget received (EUR): 10,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: Parents, carers, children and young people

Cesta z krize aims to raise awareness about the 116 000 missing children hotlines in the Czech Republic, focusing on both children and adults. Through a comprehensive media campaign, we seek to inform the public about the availability of this vital support service and the importance of mental health care.

The primary objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of the 116 000 hotline in Czech Republic and its services for children and families. We recognize the prevalence of mental health challenges among children, particularly anxiety, which is reflected in the calls received by our hotline. By targeting both parents and children, we aim to educate them about the necessity of caring for their mental well-being and ensure that they know where to turn for help in times of need.

To achieve our goals, we have planned several key activities. These include an informational and educational campaign on social media platforms, aimed at reaching a wide audience and providing valuable resources and support. Additional, we will also engaged with interns from marketing programs to assist with social media content creation, thereby fostering collaboration with students and benefiting from their fresh perspectives and creativity.

In summary, our project seeks to make a meaningful impact by increasing awareness of the crisis hotline and promoting mental health care in the Czech Republic. Through strategic partnerships, targeted outreach, and comprehensive evaluation, we aim to empower individuals to seek help when needed and foster a supportive community for mental well-being.


Title of the project:The Keep Sage Project
Budget received (EUR): 20,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: Professionals in schools and children and young people

With the help and support of Missing Children Europe and the funding from European Commission, our organization Lasten perusoikeudet Children´s Fundamental Rights ry will develop a preventive safety programme for children, their parents and for schools. The Keep Safe project will teach children how to stay safe and who to reach out to for support when needed.

Our main partner is the Emergency Response Centre Agency that is responsible for the important services 112 and 116000 in Finland. We are happy to have a second partner with connections to schools, the Child-Friendly City-project of the City of Vaasa in Western Finland. ASTRA, Missing Children Europe’s member organization in Serbia, is our third important associate partner from another EU member state.

Since 2012, we have advocated for children to receive safety education as part of school curriculums from an early age. Safety is one of children´s most important fundamental rights that we as adults should guarantee and take care of. Our Keep Safe project will include an awareness raising campaign on EU child hotlines and helplines, a special website easily accessible to all with guidelines and information about the EU hotlines and helplines, how they can be reached, and safety instructions. All of this will be available in several languages.

Some words from our partner in Vaasa and its coordinator Ms. Isla Varpula:

The City of Vaasa is excited to participate in the KEEP SAFE project as we strive to create a welcoming environment for children where they feel safe. This initiative aligns with our partnership with UNICEF in promoting the child-friendly city model. We firmly believe that educating children on how to respond to emergency situations is crucial for fostering a sense of security, ultimately benefiting their mental well-being. Our plan is to launch the project in Fall 2024, and given Vaasa’s bilingual nature, it will be implemented in both Finnish and Swedish-speaking schools. In my role as the Child-Friendly City Coordinator, I will oversee the project’s implementation in Vaasa. Additionally, I will serve as the primary point of contact between the association Lasten perusoikeudet – Children´s Fundamental Rights ry and other city personnel engaged in the project.



Title of the project: Preventing children from going missing and improving hotline accessibility for families
Budget received (EUR): 20,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: National education professionals and children

116 000 Enfants Disparus will develop a new project whose main objective is to raise awareness about the issue of children who run away among national education professionals and children, and to facilitate the accessibility to the 116000 missing children hotline.

We will develop an advocacy strategy toward the French Minister of Education and this will allow us to intervene on a national level and to target different professionals who work in contact with children and teenagers, particularly teachers. We will also provide training to the professionals of the national education on the risks of running away, the training will focus on understanding the phenomenon of the issue at hand, identifying risky behaviour, reporting the endangerment of a minor to the competent authorities and giving support to children in need.

We will host workshops in schools on the theme of running away to allow young people to express their opinions and concerns, and to as ask questions to professionals working in the field. The use of different tools such as videos, readings, testimonies, role-plays and debates will foster the discussion.

116 000 Enfants Disparus also considers fundamental to develop actions that can improve the accessibility for people with disabilities since this will make it possible to implement the interventions of the service, and also the projects associated, in a sustainable manner. In order to tackle the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, we want to develop and implement tools to make the 116000 hotline equally accessible to all. As part of the accessibility-based action framework, 116000 Enfants Disparus wants rely on resources that will improve the accessibility of people with hearing and vision impairments to the services offered by the association.

The advocacy campaign carried out as part of the project will make it possible to intervene in a more structured and effective way in schools toward professionals and young people. The long-term project impact will allow professionals to have a better knowledge of the 116000 number, which will increase the number of calls to the hotline.


Title of the project: #SafeSteps: Preventing all forms of violence leading to or resulting from children going missing
Budget received (EUR): 30,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: Parents, carers, and professionals, children and young people

MPFSC will develop the #SafeSteps: Preventing all forms of violence leading to or resulting from children going missing project. The aim of the project will be to prevent all forms of violence and abuse that can lead to the disappearance of children who run away from home or care. The project will implement an awareness raising campaign for the 116 000 hotline in Lithuania, thus increasing accessibility and availability of the services offered. The campaign will be carried out in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania – the largest city in Lithuania) and Klaipėda (the largest city of attraction for holidaymakers).

We also aim to raise awareness and knowledge among parents on how to deal with the disappearance of their child by organizing preventive meetings with carers on why a child may go missing/runaway and what to do when this happens.

We will undertake research to assess the work with runaway children in the municipalities across Lithuania and to assess the implementation of prevention. Following the study, an 8-hour workshop will be organized in each municipality to present the results of the study, to analyze the situation of each municipality in terms of working with runaway children and prevention of child disappearance/runaway.

We also aim to improve access to the 116000 hotline to ensure that people with hearing impairment can reach out and access the support they need (both children and adults). To achieve this, a chat function will be introduced on the website to ensure more efficient access to services.


Title of the project: Popularization of the 116,000 number, increase of its availability and development of an advocacy strategy to prevent and respond to missing children in Poland.
Budget received (EUR): 30,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group:Professionals, children and young people

As ITAKA Foundation, the overall objective of our project is to raise awareness of how various forms of violence and abuse can lead to children going missing as well as to promote the role of the 116 000 hotline, prevention and advocacy activities.

Our activities as part of the project will include a series of live webinars conducted and prepared under the supervision of a representative of the ITAKA Foundation. The aim of the series of webinars will not only be to present different forms of violence and abuse that can lead to a child going missing but more importantly to present ways of preventing these forms of violence and dealing with their consequences. For each webinar we will invite experts/specialists in the field. During the months of July-August, we plan to focus on social media activities. On the basis of the first three webinars (which are thematically related to children, young people and holidays), we will prepare content on the safety and disappearance of young children and teenage runaways, which we will publish and promote in the ITAKA Foundation’s social media profiles.

We will also develop and implement an advocacy strategy with the aim to help us reduce the number of children going missing, quickly find missing children, support families, build awareness, and develop reaction systems.

Lastly, we want to enrich our website with a chat module that allows for a direct and quick possibility to ask questions online. Specialists of the ITAKA Foundation will be on duty on the “other side” of the chat to ensure  a quick response and the right level of communication. An important aspect of the chat function is that it makes it possible to have a conversation with a specialist for young people with hearing dysfunctions. An anonymous, easily accessible instant messenger makes it possible to get in touch with a specialist even in difficult circumstances when voice chat is not possible. Young people will be able to use the chat even in an environment where they do not feel safe (e.g. a dysfunctional home) or cannot count on privacy (e.g. school, foster care centre). For many of them it will be the first opportunity to contact a psychologist. The chat will make it possible to access support in a very fast and convenient way – all one needs is a phone, computer or other device with internet access.

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Title of the project: NEFELI
Budget received (EUR): 20,000.00
Project duration: 04/2024 – 12/24 (9m)
Target group: Children 14+, adults (parents/ caregivers, teachers), police officers & other professionals & other 116 000 hotlines in Europe.

The NEFELI project, developed by The Smile of the Child in Greece, seeks to raise public awareness on the 116000 hotlines, to highlight the 116 000 Hotline not only for reporting a case of a child that goes missing but also as a contact point for parents/ caregivers and other adults for seeking advice and support. Plus, to showcase the Organization’s tools and practices in the area of missing children and to promote the 116000 hotlines network at EU level.

Two online surveys will be conducted (one at the initial stage of the project to explore the current awareness of young people and adults on the 116000 hotline in Greece and the second one after the dissemination activities to assess the impact of the campaign to the target groups. A short film (8’-10’) will be produced, under the title “Nefeli is missing” and it is a teen’s girl saga that suffered bullying at school and ran away from home. The promotion of the film will be accomplished through a targeted campaign via the Organization’s social media accounts and influencers.

The target groups of the project are children 14+, adults (parents/ caregivers, teachers), police officers & other professionals & other 116 000 hotlines in Europe.