See. Speak. Stop.

Young people are using Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms to connect with friends and explore new content 

They often find comfort and friendship online, with many considering their online friends to be their closest confidants. It’s common to share personal stories and secrets they’ve never told anyone else. But it’s important to remember that not everyone online is a true friend. Some people will use your feelings of loneliness or your search for connection to manipulate you.  

Many teens have reported being approached by someone online who tried to pretend to be their friend just to take advantage of them. It’s essential to recognise these risks and protect yourself to keep your online experience safe and positive. The “See. Speak. Stop” campaign aims to help young users recognise harmful behaviour, report wrongful conversations, and seek help when they feel uncomfortable. 

Through the “Speak Up, Stay Safe” campaign, we’re committed to: 

  • Raising Awareness: Educating online users about the dangers of manipulative and wrongful behaviour. 
  • Encouraging Action: Empowering young users to report harmful conversations and seek help from trusted adults. 
  • Breaking Secrecy: Reducing the stigma and shame that prevent reporting, making it clear that seeking help is a brave and necessary action. 

Get Involved 

  • Follow the Campaign:
  • Break the Secrecy: Speak up if something feels wrong, report wrongful behaviour and help others end the cycle of abuse.  
  • Share Your Story: Use #SeeSpeakStop to share your experiences and join the conversation. 
  • Seek Help: If you or someone you know needs help, reach out to trusted adults, support services, or hotlines. 
    • Thinking of running away? Or need someone to talk to? Call the 116 000 hotline. This is a vital service for children at risk of going missing or thinking of running away. If you know a child who has gone missing or if you feel at risk, reach out to 116 000 for help. You can also call the 116 000 for support and you need someone to talk to.
    • Need help reporting child sexual abuse online? Visit INHOPE and find a helpline in your country that can support you.


Join the Movement 

  • We encourage you to engage with our campaign on social media using #SeeSpeakStop.  

By talking openly about this issue, we can help stop the cycle of abuse and create a safer space for everyone. Together, we can make social media platforms a safe place for everyone to make meaningful connections and feel empowered knowing they can handle any situation.