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Best Practices and Recommendations for Hotline Operators 

The harmonised 116 000 European hotline number for missing children was launched by the European Commission in February 2007. The NGOs which applied for the number, in most cases members of Missing Children Europe, very quickly experienced a number of problems and difficulties in trying to make the number truly operational for both domestic calls and for calls from non-domestic users wishing to report a disappearance of a child in the country where they found themselves. 

This is why Missing Children Europe, the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, applied to the European Commission for EU funding to identify these problems and consequently develop the “Best Practices and Recommendations” report. 

To download this report, click here.

Practical Guide for Hotline Operators 

After 18 months of collaborating with all organisations operating the 116 000 European hotline for missing children, and with funding from the European Commission – Daphne Programme, Missing Children Europe has published a Practical guide for hotline operators in April 2011. This guide is primarily a tool to be used in the day-to-day running of 116 000 hotlines. It aims at defining: 

> common minimum quality standards to harmonise the service delivery throughout the European Union, in order that parents and children may rely on the same quality and on the same help; 

> cross-border procedures to enhance the cooperation among the NGOs running the 116 000 hotline, in order that cases with a cross-border nature may be dealt with in a more efficient and effective manner. 

To download the Practical guide for hotline operators, click here.   

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