The RADAR project aims to reframe runaway behaviour as an indicator of underlying adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, neglect or living with a family member with mental health problems and/or addiction. The project will raise awareness on the phenomenon of runaway children through research.

Facts about running away

Children and young people who run away from their homes are the largest group of missing children across Europe. In 2019, young runaways made up 54.5% of the missing children cases reported to the 116 000 European hotline for missing children.

Project Aims

Through an active engagement of children and young people with experience of running away or of being at risk of running away, RADAR aims to:

1. Increase awareness on the experiences and needs of runaway children amongst policy makers, child protection institutions, and communities.

2. Increase the understanding of runaway children for law enforcement and professionals, so that they provide better responses and care for runaway children and their families or carers.

3. Advance effective recommendations for policy with the aim of improving the protection for runaway children across Europe.


The “Listen. Change. Protect.” campaign was developed by RADAR’s Young People Board to help change the negative perceptions of young runaways and to improve society’s understanding of their experiences.

Throughout November 2020 for Runaway Prevention Month, the campaign highlighted the results of consultations held with children and young people who have experience of running away or of being at risk of running away.

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Young People’s Board

The Young People’s Board was recruited by RADAR project partners to co-steer all aspects of the project, including campaigns, research, and policy recommendations. It consists of ten young people (aged 15-28) from Belgium, Poland, Greece, and Portugal. The Board members were selected based on their experience of running away or those who have been at risk of running away.


Key Findings and Recommendations Missing Children Europe Data Report on Runaways – Download

Key Findings and Recommendations Child Helpline International Data Report on Runaways – Download

Key Findings and Recommendations: the Delphi Study and Focus Groups – Download

Full RADAR Research Report – Download

Contact person

Eugenia Miyashita
Project Officer for Runaways and Hotlines

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