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Do you have a charity budget to use up before the end of the year? Do you want to support a great cause, motivate staff and get a tax certificate?

Consider donating to Missing Children Europe!

Companies who give money to charity often report that they gain better PR, wider coverage on social media, benefit from an enhanced reputation and eventually achieve more profit. They also report that engagement with a charitable organisation improves team work, morale and employee engagement.

If you make a donation, you can not only get an update as to what your donation will be used for but you can also get the use of one of our exclusively designed Christmas cards to send to your clients and contacts, letting them know you are a supporter of Missing Children Europe as well as wishing them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year. 

Make a donation here (be sure to follow the right instructions for the tax certificate you require). And to speed things up you can send us an email on to let us know you have donated and we can send you your card.

Your donation will help us to carry out our activities to prevent children from going missing.

Some highlights from 2018:

  • is an app developed by Missing Children Europe and our partner Famous which displays missing children in your area on your 404 error pages. Since it was launched, over 80 million images have been displayed
  • This year we campaigned for runaways to be taken seriously. Children who run away are often running away from neglect or violence at home. Putting these children back in a situation they ran away from without addressing the problem may make the problem worse until children are forced onto the street to survive. In 2017 we received reports of the same child running away over 40 times.
  • Our Lost in Migration conference was attended by 170 experts in migration. We are working towards ending the trafficking and exploitation of children in migration.
  • We are helping children to be heard in court when parents go through a difficult divorce or separation. A child should have the right to be included sensitively in such proceedings without parents and lawyers battling over their heads.

Partner Packages range from €5,000 to €50,000. Sponsors are able to buy visibility at fundraising or professional events. Sponsorships Packages range from €1,000 to €8,000.

Missing Children Europe wishes to thank its partners and sponsors, without whom the activities undertaken to provide life saving support to missing children would not be possible. Thank you for your trust and confidence.

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"Euronext is particularly proud to support an organisation that is dedicated towards unifying measures at a European level for a subject that affects us all. The determination of the Missing Children Europe team and the concrete results they have already achieved merits a great deal of respect and ensures our ongoing contribution in the years ahead." 

Vincent Van Dessel, CEO of Euronext

“As a socially responsible company, Interparking is pleased to actively support programs in cultural, sporting and social fields in Europe. We are proud to sponsor Missing Children Europe in the development of effective and holistic child protection, and the continuous efforts to empower and protect them from any situation of harm.”

Philippe Declercq, Business Development Manager, Interparking



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