Missing Children Europe is seeking to acquire a professional and secure hosting platform to help build, host, and maintain the project’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for a period of 43 months (7 months of implementation, starting in May 2021 and 36 months of hosting, beginning in December 2021).


You can find the full terms of reference for the assignment here.


Criteria for assessment and selection


• Contractor must be an interactive and social platform with extensive experience in building, hosting and maintaining massive open online courses (MOOCs).
• Contractor must be experienced in offering virtual learning with the aim of developing skills and sharing knowledge among professionals.


• Contractor must have a strong and consistent user presence in Europe.
• Contractor must have strong and consistent user experience among professionals working in the fields that include but are not limited to, child protection, law enforcement, teaching and mental health.

Other desirable service

• Introductory training on the hosting platform
• Technical/help desk support
• Building and course creation support
• Quality assurance process
• Translations of course content
• Design and videography services
• Moderating options (i.e. responding to user questions, monitoring discussions)
• Pre and post evaluations (to monitor course impact)
• Access to content after the course
• Certificate upon completion
• Accessible and easy to use user experience
• Course analytics
• Traffic support to maximise impact and reach


Deliverables include but are not limited to:
• Staff introductory training on the chosen platform, including support, implementation, relevant tools and videography.
• Generate a prototype version of the MOOC in line with proposed timeframe and scenario.
• Translation support.
• Implementation of final MOOC design based on revised prototype version.



All interested service providers should send a proposal to: eugenia.miyashita@missingchildreneurope.eu

All proposal must include:
• A technical proposal detailing how they meet the required profile and the desired timetable.
• A financial proposal
The deadline for submitting the proposal is three weeks from advert opening is Monday 12 April.