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Missing Children Europe is partially funded by the European Commission, Daphne programme for its operation. However, as a Not for Profit, we must rely on donations and sponsorships to be able to invest in resources for our projects. Your donations will go towards enabling and improving services and tools available to all missing children and their families in Europe. We strive to be completely transparent about the way we use our funds. For more information on how your donations are used, take a look at our auditor report

Thank you for your trust and support. Together, we can make Europe a safer place for children.

Donations equal or higher than 40 euros may be entitled to receive a tax exemption certificate, if you are a resident of Belgium, France or Luxembourg. Please contact for more information. Thank you for your support!

Choose a specific project to fund from the list below or simply donate to Missing Children Europe and we'll allocate your money to the project that needs it most.

Donations from individuals

  • International Missing Children's day | 40 euros

    International Missing Children’s Day has been commemorated around the world on 25th May since 1983, in memory of 6-year-old Etan Patz who went missing on his way to school on 25 May 1979, as well as thousands of other children who go missing each year. The event sends a message of hope to parents and children, and raises awareness about the problem of missing children. For 2016, Missing Children Europe will once again launch a series of awareness raising campaigns to improve awareness of the issue of missing children and the help available to children and families. For a look at the several campaigns organised for 2014, click here. If you'd like to help fund this project, choose this project on the donation form when you click the donate button below.

  • Hide and Seek: The real stories of children who went missing | 20 euros

    Children go missing from all walks of life, in every country in the world. Children may run away because of conflict or neglect at home or because they are being bullied at school. The 116 000 missing children hotline shows that up to 50% of missing children cases are of runaways. Similarly, many children who enter the EU unaccompanied go missing very shortly after being placed in reception centres. Often arriving in the EU after taking harrowing and extremely risky journeys, they run away from reception centres for fear of being sent back to the countries they tried to escape from or because they need to pay back debts to the human smugglers who brought them into the EU. Children go missing for many different reasons and each child often has a very powerful story to tell. We believe the first step to solving the problem is raising awareness of the enormous vulnerability and resilience of these children. Every child deserves a safe, loving and empowering environment to have a fair chance at life. We hope to chronicle these real stories of missing children in this publication to give them a voice. If you'd like to help fund this project, choose this project on the donation form when you click the donate button below.

  • | 50 euros

    ‘Page not found? Neither is this child!’. The Notfound website app uses the millions of error pages on the internet to find thousands of missing children. It does so by replacing a website's 404 error pages with posters of missing children thereby allowing more people to help in the search for missing children. The app is available in 7 countries and is at present being used by over 4,600 websites and has shared more than 4.4 million missing children posters since 2012. Help us expand this app to other countries and by downloading the app on your website from If you'd like to help fund this project, choose this project on the donation form when you click the donate button below.


Donations from businesses

  • Build capacity of grassroot organisations who work directly with missing children and their families | 2.000 euros

We organise bi-monthly webinars for our 30 members across Europe in an effort to improve their expertise and provide them with a platform to exchange best practice. Often times external speakers from European institutions as well as strong child right's organisations are invited to share their best practices and knowledge. Missing Children Europe also organises study visits for 116 000 missing children hotline professionals to learn from each other through peer exchanges. Funding this project would cover costs for the organisation of specialised webinars every second month as well as an expert training for 1 hotline to build expertise on helping missing children.

  • Managing missing children cases and collecting data | 8.000 euros

Often times the first question asked by the public is "how many children actually go missing in Europe every year?". This is often followed by, "how many are found?" The truth is that because of the lack of coherent data collection and management tools, it is almost impossible to have a real picture of the numbers of children who go missing and why. Without this data, it becomes much harder to develop relevant and effective projects, raise awareness amongst the public, lobby European leaders, enable funding for 116 000 missing children hotlines etc. It was for this reason that Missing Children Europe managed the creation of a state of the art Client Relationship Management software which has now been rolled out in 5 countries in Europe. Funding this project allows us to roll out this tool in an additional country and to train case managers to work with the software.

  • Preventing unaccompanied migrant children from going missing | 10.000 euros

The SUMMIT project aims at Safeguarding Unaccompanied Migrant Children from going Missing by Identifying Best Practices and Training Actors on Interagency Cooperation. The general objective of the project is to reduce the numbers of unaccompanied migrant children who go missing and to protect the rights that they are entitled to. This will be achieved through a number of concrete actions aimed at: 
- Identifying risk factors to prevent the disappearance of unaccompanied migrant children from reception centres 
- Developing a guidance on best practices for interagency cooperation in the event of a disappearance

By funding this project, we will be able to develop guidance which will be shared with all the people involved in safeguarding unaccompanied migrant children to prevent them from going missing.