Call 116 000

If you or someone you know is unhappy 😔 and considering leaving home or has left home, we can help. 

By calling the free 116 000 hotline number available 24/7, you can talk to people who will offer you support on your options for staying safe. The priority is always on making sure that you are safe. You are free to decide what options are best for you. The 116 000 hotline provides support to you in your local languages. If you would like to leave a message for you family but are not ready to talk to them directly, the hotline staff will do so for you.

The 116 000 hotline is run by local organisations that provide support to children and youth. For example, if you call the 116 000 number in Belgium 🇧🇪, you will reach the Belgian organisation Child Focus. Similarly, if you dial 116 000 in Spain 🇪🇸, you will reach the local organisation ANAR who provide the same support in the local languages.

If you’d like to know the names of the organisations that could support you in your country, please click here. Many of these organisations also have options such as chat, email 📧 and text 📱 if you are uncomfortable calling them.

If you tried calling the hotline, but could not get through or if you still have problems, please send an email to

If you would like to talk to someone or need advice on issues related to violence, abuse of any kind, bulling, problems at school or home, then you can also call the 116 111 child helpline that provides this type of support. The helpline works similarly to the 116 000 hotline but provides more daily and ongoing support.

If you’d like to see the list of organisations that run the 116 111 helpline, click hereMany of these organisations also have options such as chat, email and text if you are uncomfortable calling them.

There are many people and organisations that want to make sure you are happy and safe 🤗. Please reach out if you need help.


Clever Never Goes

Most strangers pose no threat to children, it’s not always strangers that try to harm children, and teaching ‘Stranger Danger’ creates a society full of fear and suspicion.

Clever Never Goes helps you recognise when someone (anyone) is asking you to go with them. We call this ‘Go Spotting’. It’s about giving you some practical safety skills and confidence to engage with the outside world.

Here are 3 clever, easy steps for kids to stay safe:

· Don’t be afraid of strangers. Talk to your family about who it is safe to go with or trust, in different situations like mom, dad, grandma, your friend’s parents. Ask your parents to create this safe list together with you.

· We know you’re clever! We want you to use your cleverness to stay safe when you’re outside and away from home or people you trust.

· Never go with someone you don’t know unless this has been arranged with your parents before. When in doubt, always ask or check with the people on your safe list. If someone you don’t know tries to convince you to go with them, shout, run away and tell another adult (like the police, a teacher, a security guard, a shop keeper)

Parents can download the Clever Never Goes home pack here, created by Action against abduction.

I want to help my friend

The 116 000 hotline is free, confidential and available 24/7. If a friend is thinking of leaving home or has gone missing and you would like support and advice, please call 116 000.

If you’re worried about the safety of a missing person, we would encourage you to contact the police first or tell an adult who can help.

Do you want to help us find children?

There are many ways you can help!

1. Donate your birthday 🎁 to raise money for us on Facebook. Follow these steps to set it up.

2. If you know anyone who owns a website, ask them to download the web app on their website. Sometimes when you’re online and looking for a page, you accidentally reach one a 404 error page 😞 that says something like "Oops, page not found". The Notfound app replaces these error pages with a picture of a missing child, their details (like colour of hair, age, date of disappearance) and a number (116 000) to call if you have any information on where the child could be. It’s free, easy to install and can help find children! 🏆

3. Run 🏃 for the Missing Children Europe team at the Brussels marathon and half marathon on 28 October 2018, together with your friends. You can also run the 5 km. Plus we'll give you a Missing Children Europe T-shirt 🎽

so that you can help us raise awareness! Register here.