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Missing Children Publication Hub

Parental Abduction

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How best to resolve cases of parental child abduction? (by Joanne Orton)

In recent years reunite has seen a significant increase in the number of abduction cases reported to our advice line. In 2010 we received 348 new abduction cases involving 510 children - in 2014 there were 574 new cases involving over 827 children.

Parental child abduction is not country or faith specific; cases reported to Reunite involve children abducted to countries as far apart as Algeria and Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. We see a greater number of abduction cases being resolved, and an increasing number of children returning to their country of habitual residence; as signatories to the Hague Convention increase, case law evolves and there is a greater focus on using mediation to resolve these high conflict cases.

This paper explores how cases of parental child abduction are best resolved, the challenges we face with countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention, and whether or not there is a role for mediation in these cases. It also considers research undertaken by Reunite with families who have experienced parental child abduction; the experience of both the left-behind parent and the abducting parent, and the impact they believe the event has had on their children, the true victims in these cases.


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