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The publications in this section contain the results of our research as well as curated research on topics and issues relevant to missing children in Europe and the world. Example of the type of research you can find are understanding the causes of the different types of missing children cases in Europe, policy on missing children, search and rescue operations and family support. The menu and submenu options below will help you find what you're looking for.

If you'd like to share relevant research with us, please send the title, a link and description of the research to info@missingchildreneurope.eu.

Child Alert
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  • “Child Alert”: public information dissemination of child disappearances
    Veerle Pashley, Els Enhus, Mark Leys
    This report describes the communication trajectory of the Belgian NGO “Child Focus”.
  • “Child Alert”: public information dissemination of child disappearances
    Veerle Pashley, Els Enhus, Mark Leys
    Research within the framework of developing a “Child Alert system”, a project coordinated by Child Focus.
  • Child Abduction, AMBER Alert, and Crime Control Theater
    Timothy Griffin & Monica K. Miller
    Intense interest in disturbing child abductions by the mass media, public safety organizations, and the public has helped sustain a socially constructed mythology and sporadic “moral panic” about the presumed pervasiveness of this threat to children. The result has often been reactionary “memorial” legislation enacted in response to sensational cases.
  • Social Psychological Influences on the Popularity of Amber Alerts
    Lorie L. Sicafuse & Monica K. Miller
    The AMBER Alert system enjoys widespread public support. Yet evidence suggests that the system may be ineffective and have unintended consequences.
  • "National child alert systems: A (preliminary) overview "
    Delphine Moralis
    While the goal of the system is comparable in all Member States involved, the characteristics, decision making procedures and stakeholders involved differ from one country to the next. The presentation will shed light on some of the key features of systems in place in 10 EU Member States today.
  • The challenges of international cross-border investigations
    Charlie Hedges
    The presentation will highlight the difficulties encountered in international investigations in Europe without borders and beyond the European Union.
  • Child Alerts for missing children: need for a balanced and integrated approach
    Missing Children Europe
    Endangered missing children for which a child alert system can be of use constitute an average 1 to 2% of the total cases of missing children. While child alert systems can be of use in those 1 to 2%, the overall problem of missing children - of which an average 60% concern children running away from situations of conflict, abuse, violence and neglect - requires a much more comprehensive approach, including measures aimed at prevention and empowerment.
  • The Amber Alert: Appropriate solution to preventing child abduction?
    Zgoba, K.
    Outlines the history and activation process of the Amber Alert, as well as the challenges and advantages experienced by the agencies involved.
  • Best practice for launching a cross-border child abduction alert
    Describes and documents, based on experiences in several Member States, the key elements of a "child abduction alert" mechanism.
  • Amber Alert: bringing abducted children home
    Everything you want to know about the AMBER ALERT.
  • The Psychology of AMBER Alert: Unresolved Issues and Implications
    Monica K. Miller, Timoth Griffin, Samantha S. Clinkinbeard, Rebecca M. Thomas
    The issues related to the AMBER ALERT, unresolved issues that arise.