Did you know that in 2018 runaway children made up the largest category of missing children cases in the EU?

The RADAR Project aims to ensure that genuine progress is accomplished in the understanding of children who run away: their circumstances, needs and support, in order to provide them with better protection and care across the EU.

RADAR will raise awareness on the topic of runaway children through research with the provision of advocacy tools, development of trainings and toolkits as well as a Mass Open Online Course for professionals in relevant fields.

Running away is often misunderstood as a ‘problem behaviour’ of the child or even a ‘delinquency’.

However, problems at home such as violence, abuse and neglect were reported to the 116000 hotlines as some of the main reasons why children ran away in 2018, and 90% of runaway cases were reported to be linked to further violence, abuse and neglect.

Furthermore, a child is often assumed to be safe because they ‘chose’ to run away. Due to this narrative that exists around running away, there is a lack of proper attention within child protection systems, institutions, society and the media. In some cases, a lack of adequate response from law enforcement means that runaway children are not traced and ultimately supported in a timely manner.