New Documentary Series "The Missing" airs on British Channel 4

A brother, a husband and a mother have gone missing: three dramatic, mysterious and out-of-character disappearances that have left police detectives scratching their heads. A pioneering new TV series called ‘The Missing’ started yesterday on Channel 4 to highlight the way that families are affected if their loved one goes missing.

This powerful, moving, First Cut documentary follows the stories of three families struggling to cope with the disappearance of a loved one who has vanished without a trace; and it is a project that has received major contributions from Missing Children Europe's British member, Missing People’s staff and volunteers. 

The families left behind have been plunged into limbo, unable to move forward with their lives in the absence of evidence, answers or closure. The programme explores how hope is driving them to extraordinary lengths as they try to bring their missing loved ones home.

Missing People Chief Executive Jo Youle said:

“We are very pleased to have helped so extensively with this series: with substantial interviews from our staff and volunteers, and brave contributions from families affected by a disappearance.

“We urge the public to tune in if they can, to see what these families endure as they search for their loved ones. We will continue to support anyone affected, for as long as it takes, through our 24/7 hotline 116 000.”

The 116 000 European hotline for missing children is active in 27 EU states and offers free pyschological, admininstrative, legal and social support 24/7 to families affected by a child disappearance.

Find the episode guide here. Read more about the 116 000 hotline here.

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As the father of a missing son (who disappeared aged 14, almost 7 years ago), I found this programme tough to watch but welcome the attention it draws to the worry and trauma of having a missing loved one. It does indeed take over your life. I have on occasion posted blogs about the subject on our son's website (under the "more" tab, should anyone reading this be interested.

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