Cards of Hope 2018: Help us reunite missing children with their families by sending our Christmas card designs to your networks

Cards of Hope 2018: Help us reunite missing children with their families by sending our Christmas card designs to your networks


 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Missing Children Europe has launched the third edition of the Cards of Hope campaign. It’s simple: Help us bring more than hope to missing children and their families by sending out one of our Christmas and New Year e-card designs.

All the donations raised will fund our projects to prevent, support and protect missing children. Every 2 minutes a child goes missing in the EU. Runaways and parental abductions make up the largest proportion of missing children cases, but an increasing concern is the number of children in migration who go missing once they have arrived in Europe. To support children and families affected by these issues, we co-ordinate the network of missing children hotlines reachable through the 116 000 number available throughout the European Union. Additionally, we train mediators to prevent or resolve cases of children abducted by a parent, and we produce research and evidence that can change policy and practice, such as our recent work on how to prevent children in migration from going missing.

Over the few past years, we are very grateful to have received the support of companies such as Samsung, EARS, Itaka, EU Strategy and Alland & Robert through Cards of Hope.

This year, we have asked a number of photographers, illustrators, designers, artists, volunteers and children to make a Christmas e-card for you. You can find all the designs of 2018 below.

So how can you help?

1.     Choose one of these unique Christmas cards so that you can let your networks know that you are supporter of Missing Children Europe, as well as wishing them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year!

If you represent a company, the text and logo are currently placeholders and can be adapted according to your company branding. We are happy to provide suggestions and all extra elements such as font, size, colour, text and positioning can be further adapted to suit your needs.

      If you are an individual, fear not, you don’t have to add a logo but you can still choose the colours and text of your choice!

The Cards of hope are a great way to send out your best wishes to your contact electronically. However, if you would still prefer sending out printed cards, we can set that up for you for an additional printing budget.

2.     In return, we would ask you for a donation that would support missing children and their families in Europe. You are free to choose your contribution. We generally suggest donating the budget you would have otherwise used for the creation, printing and sending out of Christmas cards.

We would be delighted if you would consider supporting us and our work!

Send your preference or direct any questions to

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