International Missing Children's Day 2020

The 116000 missing children hotline services play a crucial role in ensuring that all cases are followed up on, and that all children, and their parents, have access to a listening ear.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings challenging times for us all and hotlines receive the same, or higher volumes of calls, each requiring more time, and human resources, as callers are deprived of other social support.

Hotlines have to invest in technology to offer their services remotely and develop chat options and other functions to ensure everyone has equal, and safe access to hotline services. This puts additional strain on their already limited resources.

Together we can support 116 000 hotlines and protect children one call at a time!

EU Institutions

Thanks to financial support from the European Commission, Missing Children Europe can continue its efforts to prevent any harm that leads to, or results from children going missing. It is vital to keep supporting projects, which strengthen hotlines and helplines for children and their families across Europe. We call on the EU to 1) resource 116 000 hotline projects 2) ensure access to child protection services 3) prioritize the best interests of the child 4) avoid compromises on children’s rights.

Member States

With the lives and well-being of children at risk, more so due to the COVID-19 crisis climate, Member States should raise awareness about the crucial role of 116 000 hotlines, and resource them to ensure availability and accessibility of this service 24/7, every country where the hotline is operational. We call on Member States to 1) resource their national 116 000 hotline to face the ongoing emergency 2) ensure access to child protection services 3) prioritise the best interest of the child 4) avoid compromises on children’s rights.


Missing Children Europe has programmes on Runaways, Parental Abductions and Children in Migration, with strong networks of cooperation, and co-created by children. Foundations interested in supporting one or more of our programmes can find out more about our programmes here and are encouraged to contact MCE directly via email.

Individual donors can support our hotlines

Missing Children Europe has customised a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system specific to missing children hotlines, allowing them to record, share and exchange information about missing children cases remotely. Join our fundraising campaign on Facebook and support a hotline in transitioning to remote exchange of information through our CRM system. For every 30 euros spent, you can help a hotline maintain their software license. Find out more about the fundraiser here.