Volunteer for Missing Children Europe

If you are interested in creating a safer Europe for children and wish to help us, if you have professional or personal competences in fields such as copywriting, translation, design, IT, photography, video, events management, etc or if you have a personal or professional networks that could help open the doors to corporate donors and raise funds, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email.

Thank your for your interest in our cause.

Supporting Committee

The Supporting Committee consists of a group of volunteers that assists  Missing Children Europe with organising fundraising events and awareness raising efforts. Events are organised with minimum expenses since many sponsors offer their equipment and services to the charity on a discounted price or for free. The Supporting Committee is made up exclusively of volunteers. This is how we ensure that 100% of the donations and a large proportion of the event registration fees go directly to our projects.

Frédérique Badin is the Supporting Committee Coordinator. Contact her to learn more about the committee and upcoming fundraising events.

Other members of the Supporting Committee include: 

Golfing for Missing Children Europe:

Anne-Marie Berckmans, Véronique de Broqueville, Martine De Clercq, Diane Deslignes, Louis van Lennep, Deirdre Manchoulas, Christine de Posson, Francine Querton, Patrick Raes, Dominique Rolin, Claire Rolin Jaequemyns, Anne-Françoise Schöller, Brigitte Smeyers, Michèle Van Dessel

Playing for Missing Children Europe:

Bénédicte Albani, Diane Deslignes, Véronique de Cock de Rameyen, Deirdre Manchoulas, Jane Simon

Running for Missing Children Europe:

Cecilia Perez Moreno, Anastasia Sacacos, Nathalie De Keyser, Karine Beckers

Translation and Interpretation

Deirdre Manchoulas, Noël Muylle

Pictures, videos, design and communication

Rebecca Cuglietta, Natalie Hill, Laetitia Kerhos, Daniel Osorio, Thomas Van Praag, Alexander Isakhanian, Michael Scharf


Sebastian Vos

6 other ways you can help

There are many ways you can support missing children, even if you're based in another country. 

From encouraging website owners to use the NotFound app to find missing children, to fundraising for our projects through organising a bake sale, there are many ways you can support us creatively. Here's a list of 6 other ways you can get involved in the cause of preventing and protecting missing children.