Meet Frédérique Badin – Missing Children Europe’s longest supporter!  

Frédérique’s journey began with us in 2003. For her first voluntary role, she organised a large tennis tournament that gathered 175 participants that lasted all winter long.

Ever since, Frédérique has organised various successful annual events, such as our Golf, Bridge and Marathon events, all of which have helped to raise funds for Missing Children Europe’s projects. 

Continue to read on as she shares her motivations for why she continues to support Missing Children Europe today 


What do you enjoy the most about organising events for Missing Children Europe? 

I like to organise gatherings of people from various origins to share an activity, either cultural or sportive. To support a good cause is even more motivating. 


How does Missing Children Europe’s work inspire you? 

I have always been convinced that NGOs must coordinate their efforts as well as the states to fight all sorts of human crimes. I am a convinced European citizen and I think that the non-profit sector must be inspiring in that wayAnd I believe that the protection of children should be Europe’s priority. 


What is your proudest moment volunteering for Missing Children Europe?  

We have travelled to Switzerland six times to participate in the Engadin Ski Marathon. And we were able to gather 60 participants, most of them having never practised cross country skiing before. Almost all of them reached their personal target to ski 21 or 42 km. It was such a wonderful occasion where we discovered magical landscapes together, all while making strong physical efforts and communicating about Missing Children Europe’s mission to the publicIt was a great achievement for all of us and a fantastic souvenir.  


What 3 words would you use to describe Missing Children Europe?  

Professional, creative and focused on priorities.