Missing Children Europe is seeking to acquire a professional support of a communications agency to develop the Runaway Prevention Month campaign under the RADAR project.


You can find the full terms of reference for the assignment here.


Campaign brief

Aim of campaign: to advertise the MOOC and generate traffic through pre-registration for the course.

Length and format of campaign: 1 month, online

Call to action: Pre-register to take the course in January

Audience: Professionals, including social workers, healthcare, teachers, law enforcement

Contributors Four European partner organisations will support the campaign. They are Greece, Portugal, Belgium, and Poland. Each country will support the campaign for different lengths of time and at different periods of time. Below is an outline.

Week 1 Belgium and Portugal

Week 2 Belgium and Portugal

Week 3 Poland and Portugal

Week 4 Poland and Greece

Proposed structure of the campaign: Each European partner will select 1-2 content pieces (topics) from the MOOC relevant to their country to campaign about.


Expectations of the communications agency

  1. To develop an umbrella campaign (in the form of a theme or message) for Missing Children Europe that links and brings together the different content pieces by each European country. In order to do this, the communications agency must be familiar with the different content pieces. These are listed at the end of the ToR.
  2. To develop materials (videos, GIFs, and design) for the campaign. More information on the deliverables is listed in the table below.



1. Design work for materials
2. Materials produced in 4-6 languages
3. 4 banners for Website & social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and website) in 4-6 languages
4. Email signature
5. 8-10 videos for social media. Each video 1-2 minute long (with English subtitles).
6. Development of the Google adds campaign (incl. 1 short video, max 15s)



Please submit all expressions of interest to both
eugenia.Miyashita@missingchildreneurope.eu and jagoda.luto@missingchildreneurope.eu.
All applications should include: A portfolio/CV, a pitch for umbrella campaign with one trending hashtag for the entire campaign, quotes for 8-10 short videos, and design ideas for materials.
The deadline for submissions is 20th October 2021

Read Full Terms of Reference