Making headlines

International Missing Children's day (25 May 2017) The Commissioner for Children Malta

All 111 children who went missing in 2016 were found (24 May 2017) Times of Malta

Refugee children are put in conditions that on't fufill basic human needs (25 May 2017) Rdio Sputnik

משוואה עם נעלמים   (April 28 2017) ALondon 

EU calls on member states to boost child migrant protection (12 April 2017) Daily Sabah

Former Missing Children Need Better Protection From Negative Aftermath of Publicity Appeals (6 April 2017) Newswise

Study warns of digital footprint danger for missing children (6 April 2017) The Courier

Missing child appeals 'can leave negative online footprint' (6 April 2017) BBC

Posting pictures of missing children online 'potentially further traumatises them' (6 April 2017) The Herald

Ces jeunes requerants devenus des fantomes (14 March 2017) Le Matin

The plight of children in migration (22 March 2017) Neos Kosmos

Así viven los miles de niños refugiados que viajan solos por toda Europa (20 March 2017) El Confidencial

Migrant children endure horrors in Libya and Italy (1 March 2017) EU Observer

De nieuwe 'Hel van Duinkerken': 'Waar blijft Europa?' (24 February 2017) Knack

Women and child refugees face abuse in French camp (23 February 2017) EU Observer

Dzieci uchodźców. Nie wszystkie dzieci nasze są (10 February 2017) Wyborcza

Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού: 10.000 παιδιά πρόσφυγες έχουν εξαφανιστεί στην Ευρώπη (18 January 2017) Karfitsa

“I would tell any girls back home, don’t come to Europe”: Becky Solomon, 16 (12 February 2017) The Times

Χαμόγελο: Μεγάλη εκστρατεία για τα Εξαφανισμένα Παιδιά (18 January 2017) CSR News

Baby Come Home: Top Chinese brands using 404 error pages to highlight missing children (6 February 2017) International Business Times

ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ Ανοιχτή επιστολή του «Χαμόγελου του Παιδιού» στον Μουζάλα για τα δικαιώματα των παιδιών (19 January 2017) Ikaiologitika

Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού: 10.000 παιδιά πρόσφυγες έχουν εξαφανιστεί στην Ευρώπη Palo

Reunion informelle pour changer les regles d'acceuil (27 January 2017) France 24

EU Migrant ministers urge end to asylum deadlock (27 January 2017) France 24

Duizenden vluchtelingenkinderen zwerven alleen rond in Europa (18 January 2017) De Redactie

Norwegian PM on official visit, meets President Coleiro Preca; MOUs signed (1 February 2017) Independent

L'UE appelée à aider les migrants mineurs "victimes d'abus" (27 January 2017) 7 sur 7

EU must help 'abused' migrant children: commissioner (27 January 2017) AFP

Plight of missing child migrants in Europe (27 January 2017) France 24

Funds for migrant children being lost in bureaucracy, President complains (26 January 2017) Times of Malta

Dignity of children cannot be a fairy tale or simply a platitude - President (26 January 2017) Independent

Migrant children suffer sexual abuse by smugglers (28 January 2017)

‘Migrant children sexually abused by people smugglers’ – EU Commissioner (27 January 2017) Times of Malta

[WATCH] Funds allocated to protect child migrants ‘lost in red tape’ (27 January 2017) Malta Today

Finding Europe’s missing children (22 January 2017) Times of Malta

Fostering and adoption of unaccompanied minors would help prevent disappearance of children (27 January 2017) Times of Malta

Failed by the system (22 January 2017) Malta Today

‘Populists must not have final word on migration’ – President (28 January 2017) Times of Malta

EU must help 'abused' migrant children: Commissioner (28 January 2017) Straits Times

[WATCH] Europol chief warns thousands of migrant children go missing every year in the EU (26 January 2017) Malta Today

When children have no share in political agenda (25 January 2017) Times of Malta

Europe can no longer ignore plight of children seeking protection - lawyer (24 January 2017) Malta Today

Missing Children Europe interpelle sur la disparition des mineurs non accompagnés (23 January 2017) RTBF

Migrants: au moins 10.000 enfants non accompagnés ont disparu en Europe (18 January 2017) Le Soir

Telefono Azzurro: «Migranti minorenni, vulnerabili e senza voce» (15 January 2017) Vita

Sensibiliseringsactie vraagt aandacht voor tienduizend verdwenen vluchtelingenkinderen in Europa (18 January 2017) HLN

10 000 enfants migrants disparus en Europe : des ONG alertent (20 January 2017) Liberation

10.000 niet-begeleide minderjarigen verdwenen in Europa (18 January 2017) De Standaard

“10.000 niet-begeleide minderjarigen verdwenen in Europa” (18 January 2017) Metro

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center Supports Missing Children Europe in Viral Campaign (17 Jnaruary 2017) Gold News

Francken moet vluchtelingenkinderen beschermen (18 January 2017) De Morgen

Europol en Missing Children Europe slaken noodkreet: “10.000 niet-begeleide minderjarigen verdwenen in Europa” (18 January 2017) Nieuws Blad

Malta to host Missing Children Europe conference (7 December 2016)

Barnrättskämpar världen över prisas (8 November 2016)

Calais' notorious "Jungle" is closing and migrant children are falling through the cracks (28 October 2016)

Why are 10,000 Children Missing in Europe? Radio interview (October 2016)

Why are 10,000 migrant children missing in Europe? (October 2016)

Minori stranieri non accompagnati, dalle Ong il grido d’allarme:”Ne scompaiono 28 al giorno” (September 2016)

Alemanha perdeu o rasto a 9 mil crianças refugiadas (August 2016) Expresso

Nearly 9,000 unaccompanied refugee children have gone missing in Germany (August 2016) Quartz

La titánica tarea de poner rostro a 10.000 niños refugiados desaparecidos (September 2016) El Mundo TV

'30 percent of refugee children suffer from mental problems' (July 2016) Radio Sputnik

Why Theresa May is a smuggler's best friend when it comes to child refugees (July 2016) New Statesman

Report: EU failing migrant children (July 2016) EU Observer

Une appli pour apprendre le n° des parents (July 2016) L'ADN

La titánica tarea de poner rostro a 10.000 niños refugiados desaparecidos (July 2016) El Mundo

Les avis de disparition d’enfants bientôt sur les sites régionaux (July 2016) L'Avenir

VIDÉO: complétez votre album Panini d'enfants perdus (July 2016) Flair

Leo Burnett Brussels helpt Missing Children Europe (July 2016) Fonk

Leo Burnett Brussels Aids Search for Missing Panini Stickers… But There’s a (Very Worthy) Catch (July 2016) Little Black Book

Maak UEFA Euro 2016 stickerboek van Panini vol en help vermiste kinderen vinden meldt reclame (July 2016) Reclame wereld

Remumber: l'application qui aide les enfants à retrouver leurs parents (July 2016) RTBF

Une app’ pour appeler papa-maman (July 2016) Le Libre


Nova aplicação móvel ajuda crianças a encontrar os pais (July 2016) Sic Noticias

App moet kinderen helpen telefoonnummers te leren onthouden (July 2016) De Morgen

Remumber: A app que ajuda as criancas a encontrar os seus pais (July 2016) Portugal news

Aplicação ajuda crianças a encontrar os pais (July 2016) Correio de manha

Une app Missing Children Europe pour faire retenir aux enfants le numéro de leurs parents (July 2016) RTL info

«Remumber»: l’application pour retenir le numéro de ses parents (vidéo) (July 2016) Le Soir

Missing Children Europe lanceert kindvriendelijke app om telefoonnummers te onthouden (July 2016) Skynet

Associação lança aplicação móvel para ajudar crianças a memorizar número dos pais (July 2016) Jornal de Noticias


Une application pour faire retenir aux enfants le numéro de leurs parents (July 2016) Belgium iPhone

Comment aider votre enfant à retenir votre numéro de téléphone (July 2016) 7sur7

ONG lança aplicativo que ajuda crianças a memorizar telefone dos pais (July 2016) Pernambuco

Nova aplicação móvel ajuda crianças perdidas (July 2016) Radio Commercial

Remumber, by Missing Children Europe (July 2016) Design Week

Une app Missing Children Europe pour faire retenir aux enfants le numéro de leurs parents (July 2016) L'Avenir

App moet kinderen helpen telefoonnummers te leren onthouden (July 2016) Het Laatste Nieuws

Disparitions : comment faire retenir aux enfants le numéro de leurs parents (July 2016) L'Avenir

L’astuce pour apprendre à votre enfant à retenir votre numéro de téléphone (en cas de danger) ! (July 2016) Magic Maman

Une application qui aide les enfants à retrouver leurs parents (July 2016) L'echo


Famous fait son numéro pour Missing Children Europe (July 2016) Media Marketing

Teaching children to remember the most important number (July 2016) West

Zo leren je kinderen snel je telefoonnummer uit hun hoofd (July 2016) Welingelichte Kringen

Teach your children to memorise your phone number with ‘Remumber’ (July 2016) Android Apps

The Remumber Helps Children Remember the Phone Numbers of Their Parents (July 2016) Trendhunter Tech

Une app Missing Children Europe pour faire retenir aux enfants le numéro de leurs parents (July 2016) Metro

Remumber-app helpt kinderen hun ouders terugvinden (July 2016) ZDNet

Missing Children Europe lanceert kindvriendelijke app (July 2016) De Redactie

New report on missing unaccompanied migrant children in Europe (2016) International Juvenile Justice Observatory

Trafficking fear as record numbers of migrant children arrive alone (2016) Euronews

Without help, families face lonely search for Europe's missing refugee children (2016) Reuters

Unaccompanied child refugees: 'These children aren't seen as children' (2016) The Guardian

Without help, families face lonely search for Europe's missing refugee children (2016) The Jerusalem Post


Ελάχιστες οι καταγγελίες για εξαφανισμένα προσφυγόπουλα παρά τον μεγάλο αριθμό (June 2016) Naftemporiki

Λιγοστές οι καταγγελίες για τα αγνοούμενα προσφυγόπουλα παρά τον τεράστιο αριθμό (June 2016) Paraskhnio

Ελάχιστες οι καταγγελίες για εξαφανισμένα προσφυγόπουλα, παρόλο που αγνοούνται συνολικά 10.000 Πηγή (June 2016) Lifo

The long and lonely search for Europe’s missing refugee children (2016) The National

Interview with Delphine Moralis on Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Europe (May 2016) Trafficking Today

Bullismo, sexting e abusi. Ecco perché i ragazzi scappano di casa (2016) La Stampa Italia

Mainichi Newspaper (2016)

Eltűntek, valahol Európában (2016) Vasarnapi Hirek

Queen Paola support missing children on international Missing Children's day (30:12) (2016) RTL

President urges collaborative effort to strengthen communities in fight against child exploitation (2016) Malta Today

Over 4,000 children go missing or run away from home in Romania in one year (2016) Romania Insider

Ogni due minuti in Europa scompare un minore. Il Papa: "Preghiamo perché tornino alle famiglie" (2016) Repubblica

Minori Migranti Scomparsi (2016) RaiRadio1

In Europa scompare un bambino ogni 2 minuti m a l’Ue taglia i fondi al servizio di emergenza (2016) EU News Italy

Missing Children Europe alerte sur les disparitions de mineurs dans la crise migratoire (2016) La Libre

Thousands of underage migrants live in shadows across Europe (2016) Associated Press

Where are the 10,000 missing migrant kids? (2016) Euranet Plus

Vermisste Flüchtlingskinder: Die Recht- und Schutzlosen (2016) EurActive

6000 refugees and minors reported missing in Germany (2016) Radio FM4

Europa abierta - Menores refugiados desaparecidos: podrían ser incluso más de 10.000 (2016) RTVE

Sur la trace des migrants adolescents perdus (2016) Le Parisien

De nombreux enfants réfugiés exploités dans l'industrie du sexe (2016) Le Vif L'express

10.000 refugee and migrant children missing: ALDE demands answers (2016) European Parliament

Tízezer gyermeknek veszett nyoma (2016) hirTV

Nearly 6,000 children and teenager refugee missing in Germany (2016) New Europe

Migrantenkinderen massaal in Europese seksindustrie (2016) DeMorgen

Minori migranti scomparsi, "sono sempre di più lungo la rotta dei Balcani" (2016) L'Agenzia di Redattore Sociale

Migranti: Ong, boom bimbi scomparsi (2016) ANSA

Χίλιες καταγραφές για ασυνόδευτα προσφυγόπουλα που αγνοούνται, σύμφωνα με την ΕΛ.ΑΣ. (2016) Anampa

Flüchtlingskinder verschwinden (2016) News

Griechenland schiebt vermehrt in die Türkei ab (2016) De Standaard

Les bonnes pratiques lors de disparitions de mineurs étrangers non accompagnés (2016) RTBF

Migranti: Ong, boom bimbi scomparsi, almeno 10mila (2016) ANSA

Minori migranti non accompagnati: 10 mila scomparsi in Europa (2016) Help Consumatori

« Missing Children Europe » expose les bonnes pratiques à avoir lors de disparitions de Mena (2016) Metro time

Experten fordern bessere Koordination (2016) Orf

Tausende Flüchtlingskinder verschwinden in Europa spurlos (2016) kleinezeitung

Vermisste Flüchtlingskinder: Experten fordern mehr Engagement (2016) Nachrichten

La reponse internationale aux enlevement d'enfants au couer d'un colloque d'Interpol (2016) News Press

Niños migrantes desaparecen en Europa por falta de protocolos de investigación (2016) DiarioUChile

Europol Official: 10,000 Migrant Children Missing in Europe (2016) Greek Reporter

UK considers taking thousands of unaccompanied migrant children (2016) Special Broadcasting Service

Europol Official: 10,000 Migrant Children Missing in Europe (2016) Voice of America

Female refugees face sexual exploitation in Greece (2015) Al Jazeera

Criminal Gangs Targeting Vulnerable Young Asylum Seekers in Europe (2015) Newsweek

Réfugiés : Les enfants disparus (2015)

TV Report Highlights Plight of Europe's Lost Refugee Children (2015)

Cyprus 'abduction attempt': Should we be worried? (2015) BBC Radio

Maud de Boer van Missing Children Europe in AvondGasten (2015) AvondGasten

116-000, le numéro contre les disparitions d'enfants (2015) RTBF

Retenez le 116 000: "Un seul numéro, partout en Europe" pour les enfants portés disparus (2015) RTL

Campagne sur le « 116 000 », numéro d’appel pour les enfants disparus (2015)

One child reported missing in Europe every two minutes (2015) Euronews

Het voelt in elk land hetzelfde, als je kind wordt vermist (2015)

The search for Europe's missing child refugees (2015) BBC 

Réfugiés: la moitié des enfants migrants disparaissent une fois en Europe (2015)

Is Europe doing enough for missing children? (2015)

Renforcer la lutte contre les abus sexuels d’enfant sur Internet (2015) RFI Radio

Can an 'error save a child'? Turning 'not found' pages into social good (2014)

Missing children images on website error pages (2012)

Has anyone seen my child? (2012)

Missing children messages go on 404 error pages (2012)

404 Error Pages Used to Find Missing Children (2012)

Missing Children Europe marks 10 years of activity (2011)

EU fights huge increase in web child abuse (2009)

Hotline failure may put missing children at risk (2009) Guardian

Press releases and statements

26 May 2016: Budget cuts for missing children hotlines result in lack of support for families in a moment of crisis

25 May 2016: International Missing Children’s day 2016: Sounding the alarm for an invisible group of missing children

13 April 2016: Training professionals to prevent and respond to thousands of migrant child disappearances

29 February 2016: The fate of missing unaccompanied children: Launch of the SUMMIT report on safeguarding children

8 February 2016: Safer Internet Day 2016: Launching 2 publications in the fight against commercial child sexual exploitation online

4 February 2016: Understanding how Europe is protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation

31 January 2016: Europol confirms the disappearance of 10,000 migrant children in Europe

18 September 2015: What European leaders must do to prevent migrant children from disappearing

25 June 2015: Where are they? The need for better tracking of unaccompanied migrant children in the EU

29 May 2015: Creative radio campaign raises awareness of missing children hotline

25 May 2015: 25% of missing children cases are cross-border in nature

2 June 2014: Runaways and Parental abduction make up over 85% of missing children cases, Missing Children Europe data reveals

12 May 2014: Missing Children Europe‘s President Maud de Boer-Buquicchio appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography

9 March 2014: Skiing for Missing Children Europe event

20 November, 2013: On Universal Children’s Day, join us in fighting for the rights of the most vulnerable

25 October 2013: Maria, a symbol of children slipping through the net of child protection systems in Europe

16 October 2013: Missing Children Europe Launches Ambitious Strategy to Tackle Child Disappearances in Europe


  • Delphine Moralis, Secretary General, Missing Children Europe

+32 2 894 74 82 or +32 4 77 4444 93

  • Gail Rego, Communication Officer, Missing Children Europe

+32 2 894 74 86

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Missing Children Europe (MCE) is the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, representing 30 organisations from 26 European countries. We provide the link between research, policies and organisations on the ground to protect children from any kind of violence, abuse or neglect that is caused by or results from them going missing.