The app. is a creative campaign allowing the thousands of websites online to play a role in finding missing children. Once the app. is downloaded on a website, it replaces the website’s useless ‘404 error message’ pages with posters of missing children. By doing so, website error pages help share information about missing children and increase the chances of finding them by appealing to a much larger audience.

To date the app. is being used by close to 6000 websites and has displayed over 4.4 million missing children posters. The app. is free and only takes a few minutes to download. Once the code is embedded into a website, all the website’s ‘404 error message’ pages are replaced by posters of missing children.

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“Our son, Andrew Gosden, went missing in 2007 and we have had no news of him since then. I have supported the idea since its inception as I think it will genuinely help to re-unite families with missing loved ones. Since the 404 page app. is absolutely free and easy to apply, I wish every website in the world would include it. It is such a good idea and also brings hope that perhaps someone someday will see our own son on there and have an answer or clue about what happened to him.”

Kevin Gosden, Father of a missing boy

“My sister Maria Aldridge disappeared at the age of 17 in 1968 from the hospital where she was training in Birmingham UK. The app. gives missing persons a voice and awareness which can help bring them home... A huge debt of gratitude belongs to missing children organisations who work tirelessly to support families affected. I believe together we can make a difference.”

Cathy Phillips, Sister of a missing girl