Missing Children Europe will complete your European Championship sticker collection to help find missing children

Brussels, 14 July 2016 - The European Championship is over. All that remains, apart from a few world-class goals and a new stadium chant, is a well-filled Panini album. Collecting 640 stickers is no easy task, however. Missing Children Europe, the European federation for missing and sexually abused children, comes the rescue. After all, this organisation is missing little faces, too. Not those of star football players, however, but missing children. Order your missing Panini stickers from www.missingstickers.eu and you will also help Missing Children Europe find missing ‘Bambini’.
Ever since April, practically every football fan in Europe has been busy collecting Panini football stickers. With space for 24 national teams and over 96 pages, this year’s album is thicker than ever: you need around 640 stickers to complete it. That’s a lot of stickers, and it means that everyone is putting a great deal of effort into finding their missing football heroes. Missing Children Europe, the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, is constantly on the lookout too. Not for missing stickers, but for missing children. The organisation is taking advantage of the Panini craze to collect money for its own search. Delphine Moralis, Secretary General of Missing Children Europe: ‘Every two minutes, a child is reported missing in Europe. Children go missing for various reasons, such as conflict, abuse, neglect, abduction by a parent or in the context of migration. Every case is unique and requires a personal approach. We wanted to take advantage of the widespread interest fuelled by this championship to make people aware of the difficult situation in which thousands of children find themselves. Your donations to our network and our helplines for missing children can save lives.
The stickers can only be purchased from the www.missingstickers.eu website and cost €0.20 each. You can also make a donation if you do not want or need any stickers. The minimum donation is €5 and from €40 upwards your contribution is tax-deductible. All proceeds will go to Missing Children Europe, to help this organisation track down its ‘missing children’. The campaign will run for one month in several European countries, including Belgium, Portugal, Italy, France and Serbia.
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About Missing Children Europe
Missing Children Europe (MCE) is the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children. It represents 30 organisations from 26 European countries and forms the link between investigators, policy and local organisations in order to protect children against all forms of violence, abuse or neglect caused by or leading to their disappearance.

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