Safer Internet Day 2016: Launching 2 publications in the fight against commercial child sexual exploitation online

For Safer Internet day 2016, the European Financial Coalition (EFC) is proud to share with you the latest EFC 2012-2015 deliverable: the Best practice guidance for the financial industry and the Policy Analysis for the European Financial Coalition.

After a successful 3 year project, the EFC will continue its activities as a long-term platform, focusing on a 1-year horizon. Each year concrete actions will be agreed upon and planned among the partners of the EFC.

The scope of activities will remain broad as long as aspects affecting the commercial sexual exploitation of children online are concerned. These can include technical developments in communication solutions, new financial tools and products and in particular how these can be abused for facilitating commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The European Financial Coalition, fostering cooperation amongst Law Enforcement, NGOs and Private Sector, intends to continue delivering good results that have a concrete impact on the commercial sexual exploitation of children online.

The EFC secretariat moved from Missing Children Europe to Europol this year where the project will continue to be coordinated based on current trends and threats with Missing Children Europe as a partner of the project.

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