Our Impact in 2017

Developing cross-border solutions

> Ensured the high quality of emergency services provided to missing children and families by monitoring and accrediting 19 hotlines across Europe. 
> Expanded the reach of the Cross-Border Family Mediators’ network to 37 countries with a total of 178 trained mediators
> In 2017, the network of Cross-Border Family Mediators dealt with on average 4.5 cross-border family mediation cases per mediator, an increase of 80% from the 2016. 
> Launched the AMINA programme to develop an app. for children in migration, to train professionals working with these children, to change the rhetoric on migration towards the public and to advocate cohesively towards policy makers. 

Supporting research and evidence

> Collected data from hotlines for missing children and published the only annually collected figures and trends of missing children for 2016, viewed over 15K times on our publication hub.

> Researched the factors that impact the well-being of children abducted by a parent and shared the results with 140 professionals and stakeholders at the Bouncing Back conference.
> Researched the effectiveness and the long term impact of publicity appeals like posters on children and families and shared the results at a press event and on our publication hub that was viewed over 43K times.

Raising awareness 

> Featured in the media online, in print, on TV and on radio by news agencies such as BBC, EU Observer, The Times, France 24 and AFP on 53 occasions in more than 10 countries. 
> Screened the documentary Kakuma, the invisible city at the Lost in Migration conference about a refugee camp in the Horn of Africa, showcasing the reasons why children are forced to flee their homes. 
> Made 2.39 million impressions through tweets raising awareness of the causes and solutions available to missing children and families. 
> Shared recommendations on the prevention of trafficking of children in migration at the 17th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons Conference focused on the trafficking of children, that brought together representatives from 57 Organisations for Security and Co-operation in Europe, large international organisations and NGOs.


Promoting policies and laws

> Organised a seminar at the European Parliament with the participation of 25 Members of the European Parliament on raising awareness and improving support for parental abduction cases.
> Formulated recommendations based on research looking into the factors that impact the well-being of children abducted by a parent that were shared with EU Central Authorities, Members of the European Parliament and with the Directorate General of Justice at the European Commission. 
> Organised the “Six Digits Worth Remembering“ event at the European Parliament, attended by 100 child rights professionals, and Members of the European Parliament to advocate for funding, quality services and awareness of hotlines and helplines. 
> Organised the “Lost in Migration” conference with 160 professionals including guardians, police, carers, child rights professionals, politicians and hotline operators on preventing and responding to the disappearance of children in migration 
> Launched the Initiative for Children in Migration, a collaboration with NGOs and IGOs involved in joint advocacy work, to influence better EU policies and laws for children in migration.
> Formulated recommendations based on the Lost in Migration conference, outlining 37 priority actions for European and national leaders, that contributed to the European Commission’s Communication on the protection of children in migration.