What is the 116 000 hotline?

A child is reported missing every 2 minutes in Europe. Our network of missing children hotlines is operated by national organisations in 32 countries in Europe. Children and families calling the 116 000 European hotline for missing children receive free and immediate emotional, psychological, social, legal and administrative support 24 / 7.

Our activities in 2016 focused on developing a project to monitor and improve the quality of services provided by 19 hotlines across Europe. Meeting these quality criteria will ensure that children and families anywhere in Europe will have access to the same quality of support when faced with the unthinkable.

Find the annual missing children figures and trends report for 2016 here.

Hotlines that are members:

  • Albania: ALO 116,
  • Austria: 147 Rat auf Draht
  • Belgium: Child Focus
  • Bulgaria: Nadja Centre Foundation
  • Croatia: Centar za Nestalu
  • Cyprus: Consortium: SPAVO & HFC
  • Czech Republic: Ztracene Dite
  • Denmark: Thora Center
  • Estonia: Estonian Advice Center
  • France: CFPE enfants disparus (116 000 enfants disparus)
  • Greece: The Smile of the Child
  • Hungary: Kék Vonal
  • Ireland: ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
  • Italy: Telefono Azzurro
  • Lithuania: Missing Persons' Families Support Centre
  • The Netherlands: The International Child Abduction Centre
  • Poland: ITAKA
  • Portugal: Instituto de Apoio à Criança
  • Serbia: ASTRA
  • Slovakia: Linka detskej istoty
  • Spain: Fundación ANAR
  • Switzerland: Missing Children Switzerland
  • United Kingdom: Missing People
  • Ukraine: NGO Magnolia

Hotlines that are not members:

  • Germany: Vermisste Kinder
  • Luxembourg: L’Office National de l’Enfance
  • Latvia: Police force
  • Slovenia: Zavod 116
  • Sweden: SOS Alarm
  • Malta: Police force
  • Romania: Asociatia Telefonul Copilului
  • Finland: Nödcentralsverket

Proportion of different categories of missing children cases reported by 116 000 hotlines

Key challenges reported by 116 000 hotlines

Missing Children Europe is determined to continue working with the hotlines to make sure that each and everyone of the current 250 000 children reported missing in the EU as well as those who are not covered by these statistics receive vital support.