Running for Missing Children Europe

Brussels Marathon, 28 October 2018

The Brussels Marathon attracts 12 000 runners each year. Every year Missing Children Europe brings together a group of runners who run to raise awareness and funds for Missing Children Europe’s projects to prevent, protect and support missing children. Since 2012, over 2 300 participants have participated in the “Running for Missing Children Europe” team at the Brussels marathon and Antwerp 10 Miles.

Logistics and more info

  • This is a family friendly event with 3 course options: 

     9.00 a.m. Brussels Marathon 42km
     9.30 a.m. Brussels 5km
    10.30 a.m. Brussels Half Marathon 21km

  • All participants will be given a Running for Missing Children Europe T-shirt and get a free drink at Café Métropole after the race.
  • Missing Children Europe will have a tent set up at the Brussels Marathon departure area, on the Cinquantenaire Esplanade, where all Missing Children Europe's participants will meet before their race to pick up their numbers and have group photos taken.
  • You can find all information: 

    for individual runners here
    for corporate sponsors here 

What do we do with the money raised?

When a marriage breaks down, it is often the children who suffer the most. Financial hardship, acrimonious court battles and on-going conflict over custody arrangements can have a lasting effect on the well-being of any children involved. It becomes especially difficult and complex when the parents have ties in different countries. In the EU, 140,000 international couples file for divorce every year.

International child abductions or parental abductions represent a growing number of missing children cases. These are cases where a child is taken to or kept in a country other than that of their normal residence by one parent against the will of the other parent or other person with parental authority. In 2017, the network of missing children hotlines reported that 23.2% of missing children cases were due to parental abductions. Of those cases, up to 55% were across national borders.

Children tell us that they find the court process particularly difficult and upsetting. We are now working to produce guidelines, tools and to deliver training for lawyers, judges, legal professionals and mediators to ensure that a child can have their say in the decision making process (whether in court or via mediation) in a way that does not impact their well-being negatively. We want to ensure that children will be properly communicated with and given understanding of the proceedings, outcomes and reasons for a court decision.

The 2017 edition was very successful with 200 runners of all ages

We enjoyed a windy but sunny morning meeting the runners before the start of the race at the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire and in Café Métropole for a well deserved drink afterwards.

Find pictures from the event in high resolution here.

If you have not been able to participate but wish to support the team and the work of Missing Children Europe, please consider making a donation. Donations of 40 euros or more made by residents of France, Belgium and Luxembourg are eligible to receive a fiscal tax certificate.

Our Bank Account details are: IBAN: BE 41 363 025 760 210 BIC: BBRUBEBB 



"It was a tremendous pleasure for us to participate at this event. The organisation was perfect, everyone liked the Missing Children Europe T-shirts and Missing Children Europe was seen everywhere during the marathon."

 Christophe De Vusser,
 Managing partner, Bain and Company

Thanks to the support of our wonderful partners