Golfing for Missing Children Europe


Join us at the Royal Golf Club du Hainaut on Friday 14 September 2018

The annual charity event "Golfing for Missing Children Europe" started in 2006 and has to date attracted over 1,700 golfers to some of the most prestigious golf courses in Belgium. This event reaches high level management in private companies as well as well-known members of civil society, raising awareness of Missing Children Europe and of the risks faced by missing children.

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7.30 am - 11.30 am: Welcome for golfers playing 18 holes
8.00 am - 12.00 am: Tee-times 18 holes
1.00 pm - 3.30 pm: Welcome for golfers playing 9 holes
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm: Tee-times 9 holes
3.00 pm - 6.00 pm: Putting competition
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm: Cocktail and Award ceremony
8.00 pm - 10.00 pm: Dinner in the club-house

Photo albums 

Click on the following links to see pictures of Golfing for Missing Children Europe events in Hulencourt in 2012, Le Zoute in 2013, 2015 and 2017Royal Hainaut in 2014 and Ravenstein in 2016

Maximum handicap 18 holes : 24 ; 9 holes : 36 

Registration fees  

18 holes : €100

18 holes and dinner : €135

9 holes : €60

9 holes and dinner : €95

Dinner without green-fee ( players' partners only ): €60

Bank account for the registration:

ING Belgium, Avenue Marnix, 24, 1000 Brussels - Belgium

Missing Children Europe

IBAN:  BE43 310 165 832 401, BIC:  BBRUBEBB

Bank account to make a donation with a fiscal certificate:

ING Belgium, Avenue Marnix, 24, 1000 Brussels - Belgium

Fondation pour enfants disparus

IBAN:  BE41 363 025 760 210, BIC:  BBRUBEBB

Tax deductible from €40 for residents in France, Belgium and Luxemburg

Registration: to register, please click hereIf you have no partner we can find one for you. If you wish to play with another team, please send us all details. 

Preferred tee-times: we will do our best to accommodate your professional constraints, but we can't allocate late tee-times to all players. We allocate the tee-times in the order of registration and payment : the sooner you pay your registration fee, the better your chance of getting your preferred tee-time. Players who appreciate a fast pace are advised to apply for an early tee-time.

Slow game : we strongly urge all players to maintain a brisk pace and avoid slow play. You must always be in sight of the team in front of you. A representative of the RGCH will act as marshall and warn you if you are too slow : please follow his/her advice and catch up with the team in front.


Royal Golf Club du Hainaut

2, Rue de la Verrerie

Website :

Driving instructions:
Autoroute E19-E42 (Paris, Exit 23bis)
At the first red light, turn right in the direction of Ath for 3,5 km
The entrance to the Golf will be on your left, a few 100 metres after the E.Vaes Police Academy and the Provincial Institute of Formation.
GPS : Latitude 50° 30′ 23” – Longitude 3° 55′ 37”


- 18 holes: Canadian greensome: Two teams of two players; each player drives and plays his second shot with his own ball, then the team chooses the best ball and finishes the hole playing alternate shots with this ball.
- 9 holes: Single Stableford.
- The putting competition is open to all participants and dinner guests.
- Dress code on the Golf course: correct golfing attire should be worn such as recognisable golf shoes and golf shirts with a collar. 
- Dress code for the Award ceremony and dinner: smart attire is recommended such as a jacket and tie for men.

List of participants Le Zoute 2017

200 golfers took part in the event in Le Zoute. Take a look at the photo gallery in the column on the right.

To see the full list of registered players, click here.

What will the money raised be used for?

Parents, child care professionals and law enforcement authorities, all play an extremely important role in preventing a child from going missing. Whether a child runs away from a difficult home situation, whether they are separated from family during migration or whether they are abducted by a parent following a divorce, there is always a window of opportunity where the situation could have been prevented from escalating.

This year we will be raising money to support our project ‘Voice of the Child’ that will finally aim at giving children a voice in court cases affecting them. During the process of resolving an international separation and/or abduction, our research, has told us that very often children are not involved in the decisions that are made related to their care. Children who have been abducted by a parent often have no or little say in where they will be placed once they have been found.  Other times children complained about a lack of understanding in terms of what is expected from them and complain about feeling confused and burdened with responsibility. Children who weren’t heard felt that they were not being taken seriously, or even felt invisible. Additionally, in most cases children were barely or not at all informed in cases where they were made to return to the left behind parent. Often, the abrupt return is associated with negative feelings of ambivalence, anger and intrusiveness. 

We want children to be involved in decisions about their care in a way that is appropriate for them and does not leave any long-term negative impact. It is clear that with the right tools and training, children who wish to be heard whether during a court case or a mediation can be supported to do so in a way that will be positive for their wellbeing, and as a result of their input decisions can be taken that will serve their best interests. The money raised through our golf event will go towards ensuring this vital piece of work. 



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The Donors of prizes : M et Mme Bernard Speeckaert, Sofitel Quiberon, M et Mme Philippe van Cutsem, Guerlain, Moët Hennessy, Monsieur Daniel Thierry, Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth

The Organising Committee : Frédérique Badin, Anne-Marie Berckmans, Véronique de Broqueville, Martine De Clercq, Louis van Lennep, Deirdre Manchoulas, Christine de Posson, Christian Renard, Dominique Rolin, Brigitte Smeyers, Michèle Van Dessel, Thierry van Zuylen.

The Volunteers : Laurent Badin, Lucienne Brancart, Véronique de Cock de Rameyen, Philippe De Clercq, Lie Moorkens, Francine Querton, Bruno Rolin, Odile de Saint Marc.